Are you familiar with the children’s song, “The Bear Went Over the Mountain?” It’s a cute little ditty about a poor bear that climbs a mountain. Once he gets to the other side, the only thing he sees is … another mountain. I’ve always imagined that the bear turned around and went back home. That’s what I would do. But I don’t often get that choice.

Have you ever felt like that bear? I have. I manage to climb to the top of one crisis only to see another one on the horizon. I think this is normal, but it still wears me out. Yesterday I hit a point where I thought I was close to a breakdown. I just couldn’t manage everything anymore.

Unfortunately, when I get down like this, I tend to look around me instead of up. I focus on my friends, especially ones with easy-to-care-for children and clean homes. But last night, I looked up to God. I asked Him for strength and to show me my blessings. Not long after, one of my friends with a special needs child called. You know what? She feels the same way, and after I talked with her I feel much better. So, when I looked up to God, He gave me someone to walk beside me. And He gave me strength to continue on, just when I needed it.

Are you looking up today?