True Woman 10 Live Blog

I am going to be spending the next few days at the True Woman 10 event in Indianapolis (September 23-25) and will be live blogging everything that goes on RIGHT HERE. You can find out more details about True Woman 10 HERE.

So the big question is…will I be able to stuff all the necessary items needed to attend the True Woman event in Indianapolis this weekend into one carry on suitcase? Yeah, because I am way too cheap..uh, thrifty, to have to pay the check a bag fee!

I am really getting excited about this event ladies!  True Woman started back in 2008 with a meeting of over 6,000 women in Chicago and as a result… a movement began!  A movement of women who are standing boldly to let the world know that Godly womanhood is alive and well!  I attended True Woman 08, I was there in the spring of this year for their follow up event in Chattanooga and I am blessed to be attending again this weekend!  (If you read the article linked to above, you’ll learn True Woman 08 is where I met Dannah Gresh, little did I know that meeting would lead to her being a part of our MomLife Today writing team!  God is cool like that!)

MomLife Today has been invited to attend the event as one of True Woman’s Live Blogging partners – so get ready for some serious sharing of what I’ll be hearing and seeing while I’m there.  I’m all set with my digital camera and my video “MomCam” and I hope to help you feel like you are a part of what’s going on at True Woman this weekend!

I would invite you to be in prayer for the presenters, attendees and all those involved with this blessed event!

And hey…what are you doing October 14th-16th?  I’m just sayin’…

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Who’s doing all the live blogging? Tracey!

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