My Window Is Closing

Several years ago, when I was going through foster parent training, I attended a class about parenting children in crisis. The speaker described how we each have a window of emotional energy. Our windows close a little bit or a lot, depending upon the challenges in our lives. Children who have been through a lot Continue »

Will It Ever End?

It’s been almost four years since my husband left. In that time I’ve learned to forgive. It was a hard-fought battle to be sure. I knew forgiveness didn’t mean I wouldn’t struggle with the continuing effects of my ex-husband’s actions on our children. This week I’m struggling. My children each seem to be manifesting things Continue »

Sweet Romance for a Single Mom

Romance is one of those words that feels like it should only be ascribed to the affection between a man and woman. It conjures up images of quiet pond-side picnics, beautiful bouquets of flowers and strolling violins. There is so much more to romance – it’s richer and deeper and more beautiful than we could Continue »

Lovin’ On my Kids!

When I see the words “lovin’ on my kids” I envision wrapping my arms around them, breathing in their sweet scent (well, at least after a bath), kissing their foreheads and cheeks, and the giggling which spills forth from their precious little selves. I love on my kids often, but a fair amount of time Continue »