Laundry Laundry Everywhere, No Really!

I think all I ever do is laundry.  There are always baskets and baskets in one stage or another throughout my house.  There is the overflowing dirty-clothes basket in the bathroom, the folded-but-not-put-away baskets in the hallway, the not folded or sorted baskets outside the laundry room, and the baskets piled high with dirty laundry Continue »

Single Mom Spinning

One of the sweetest things I hear daily is, “Mom, watch this!” Usually it’s followed by another child saying, “Mom, watch me!” and yet another child bellowing, “Look here, Mom!  Watch me!!” Before I know it, I am spinning in circles — blissfully trying to watch all my children do various wonderful things! The other night I Continue »

Buckets of Battered and Broken Beauty

On our first morning at the beach, my girls and I picked shells — gleefully filling buckets and buckets. All the shells were broken, hardly discernible as shells, but beautiful nonetheless. It made me think how very much my family is like those shells. We have been bruised, broken, and dashed against some pretty rough stuff, yet there Continue »

Redefining Tradition

Easter Sunday was the first one with just the kids and me — our second since becoming a single-parent family because last year, my mom was with us. Last year, we did things the way we had always done them … new shoes, new clothes, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, church, ham, potato salad, dessert … Continue »