Not Popular Enough

My bubbly junior high school daughter had been quiet for several days. I’m getting used to her hormonal mood swings, but this funk was lasting longer than usual. A few non-invasive, “Are you all right?” inquiries were met with off-handed, “I’m fine” replies.  But clearly she was not “all right.” I’ve learned that teens’ favorite Continue »

Cover Up Girl

Summer is here along with all the fun bright patterns and colors, sandals and pedicures … and swimsuits. When our little girls start blossoming, their natural desire to look more grown up and less ‘little girlish’ entices them to wear trendy fashions, including swimsuits, which have increasingly decreased in the amount of fabric used. But Continue »

What Values Am I Modeling?

Dennis and I recently spent some time with our son Samuel, his wife, Stephanie, and their three beautiful children. Watching the two of them interact with these precious kids, especially their two sons who look so much like Samuel did as a little guy, I couldn’t help but notice how intentional they are in the day-to-day Continue »

Reading Bedtime Stories to Teens

“Teens” is not a typo. I’m not talking about reading to toddlers, although I could write passionately about the value of reading to little ones. Today I want to challenge your thinking about teens. When we were raising our kids, very good friends of ours lived down the street. Their three girls matched our oldest three except Continue »

Embracing the Diversity of Motherhood

Just like every person on this Earth, every mother is different.  God created each mother to be a unique individual, with special gifts and assets that only she can offer her children and those around her.  Some mothers are stay-at-home mothers while others work outside the home, either due to financial necessity or through a Continue »

Important Teen Tips

I recently read an article that discussed a disturbing social phenomenon that “pretty” is no more, now it’s all about being “hot” – and sadly that observation is true. From the time I was very young I have been adept at people watching – you learn a lot about others by simply observing. Find an Continue »

Living With Uncertainty

I imagine each one of us is living with some kind of uncertainty. Uncertainty over a job application, uncertainty about what medical tests will reveal, or how to handle a hormonal teen, or make the best decision, deal with a misunderstanding with a friend, or a child’s depression and anger. There’s financial uncertainty, political uncertainty, Continue »