Just Flush

“No sweetheart, you cannot take a picture of it.” Giant crocodile tears.  With great angst… “I will never see this poo-poo again!”  More loud, dramatic crying. My analytical side watches his face contort, wondering how he gets his mouth open that wide while frowning and screaming.  His face is turning red.  My face registers nothing Continue »

Embracing the Diversity of Motherhood

Just like every person on this Earth, every mother is different.  God created each mother to be a unique individual, with special gifts and assets that only she can offer her children and those around her.  Some mothers are stay-at-home mothers while others work outside the home, either due to financial necessity or through a Continue »

Living With Uncertainty

I imagine each one of us is living with some kind of uncertainty. Uncertainty over a job application, uncertainty about what medical tests will reveal, or how to handle a hormonal teen, or make the best decision, deal with a misunderstanding with a friend, or a child’s depression and anger. There’s financial uncertainty, political uncertainty, Continue »

Faith: Small Weights, Lots of Reps

A handful of people I talk to seem bewildered—or concerned—by some strange internal constitution that would make us attempt Africa with four kids. (It seems there’s such a thin line between brave and stupid…) Let me be clear: This journey has indicated that I am no superwoman. But though I’m constantly wrestling with whatever new Continue »