Is the Orphan My Neighbor?

Editor’s Note: We are so thankful to share with you the following guest post by Russell Moore, a husband, father, pastor, and author of the book Adopted for Life. He also serves as the Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Moore blogs at: I Continue »

When God Moves a Church

Camille Wheelock, a wife, mother, and speech pathologist, has seen God move first-hand in her church. Burdened with a desire to serve orphans in other ways besides adoption, Camille’s church has been electrified–from the children in Sunday School all the way to the pastoral leadership—to help orphans across the world. Camille shares her personal story Continue »

The Power of Yes!

Three and a half years ago we received a phone call and eight days later I sat in a hospital room rocking my new seven pound three ounce son. We had eight biological children then and had briefly considered adoption when we went through multiple miscarriages.  Up to that point adoption had never crossed our Continue »

Joy Born from Loss

I’ve been nesting lately.  Toys sorted, clothing passed on, bedrooms repainted and furniture rearranged.  Our fifth child is arriving this week!  We have been experiencing the emotions all expectant parents cycle through, but with a twist.  Our new little blue bundle of joy is a preschooler (and potty-trained)! While we are excited, we know that Continue »

Learning to Trust Again

“Mom, I’m just so scared God won’t answer my prayer since He didn’t answer my prayers for Grandma,” my daughter sobbed.  I was shocked out of my reassuring answer. She had just verbalized my hidden fear.  When my mom had cancer we pleaded for healing, a miracle, but she still died.  Finding my voice again, Continue »

Choosing the Foster Care Journey

As I’m writing, I’m looking out over a crystal clear pool of water with palm trees swaying in the distance. Vacations are a wonderful gift from God — a time to slow down, refocus, and refresh. This time away from our kids has also made me very contemplative. We have six children at home, three of whom we Continue »

A Continued Calling

I woke up Sunday morning, groggy and grumpy. “Sweet Pea,”’ our 21-month-old foster baby, has sleep issues and finally gave up the fight at 5:00 a.m. As I lay in bed at 7:00 a.m., I complained to God. “You know, I already followed your command to care for the fatherless by adopting my son. At age 36, don’t Continue »

Someone Else’s Child

My sweet son, While watching you play with a group of children, another mother commented that she “could never love someone else’s child.” Her eyes can only see a child born from an unknown womb and of a different ethnicity, not sharing my blue eyes or light skin. How unfortunate that her eyes cannot see what Continue »