Prepping for the Feast

For someone who isn’t into the Food Channel or trying new recipes or buying the latest Rachael Ray cookbook, I’ve recently logged more hours than I can count in the kitchen. Maybe Julia Child would be proud, or maybe Betty Crocker, or maybe my mother. But it’s really my kids I’m aiming to please. Anticipating Continue »

Fall Fest

As soon as that azure blue sky of autumn met the cold snap of the air, I started getting excited. Signs for pumpkin patches and corn mazes lined the road, and I began looking through my recipes for warm comfort food and soup. I filled my grocery cart with ingredients for my husband’s signature chili and Continue »

Swimming Lessons

My youngest son does not have much fear.  He’s a leap before you look kind of guy.  When he was two years old and my oldest son was four, I spent the summer trying to coax my 4-year-old son to jump off the edge of the pool into my arms.  Once while trying to convince Continue »

Mother’s Day Song

by Tracey Lanter Driving in the car with teenagers can be an adventure, lots of talking, lots of loud music—for sure there’s never a dull moment.  A few days ago as I was dropping my daughter off at work she yelled back into the car, ”Hey mom, there’s your song!” and then she grinned and trotted off. As I drove away Continue »

Daddy’s Home

I had to laugh last night—when my husband arrived home from work I was in the middle of a mess in the kitchen, my son was in his room with the door closed, and my daughter, who had been sick for days, was “zoned out” in front of the television. So his arrival home went unnoticed. Continue »

Precious Moments

Sometimes children can say something that just sort of makes you pause. I remember when my son was really young and he climbed up on the kitchen table so he could get to us, put his arms around his father ‘s neck and mine looked at each of us and then said, “I love my life.” He then Continue »