The Intentional Mom

It is good to meet you all here at MomLife Today! I’m looking forward to spending time together in this community of moms. I’m much in need of it myself! As some of you know, I’m a busy analyst, author, and speaker — but much more importantly, I’m a wife to my husband, Jeff, and mom to two Continue »

Celebrating Spiritual Birthdays

One of the biggest days for parents of young children is their child’s birthday! All over the country, moms go to great lengths to celebrate in a fitting way. One mom rents a clown, another a horse and buggy, yet another a restaurant complete with games and food. Cupcakes or cakes are often spectacular and gift Continue »

What Does God Want for Christmas?

Unwrap the true meaning, wonder, and excitement of Christmas in each colorful box of this interactive, kid-friendly nativity. Its beautifully illustrated poem tells the story of each character, bringing your child along on the journey to Bethlehem — with the surprise ending of box #7, which peeks inside the heart of God. From home to Continue »