Praying For Your Children

Maybe I started the day she ran away. I’d placed Lexi in her room for a “time out” and five minutes later the doorbell rang. A woman I’d never seen before was standing there holding my daughter. “I found her three blocks from here.” Lexi explained through tears that if I was going to put Continue »

Lessons from a Donkey

This week I’ve been thinking about donkeys. Strange?  Perhaps. Yet it was a mere donkey that played a major role in the events of Holy Week.  As Jesus approached Jerusalem on his way to be crucified he sent 2 of his disciples to a village instructing them that they would find a colt, which no Continue »

Just Flush

“No sweetheart, you cannot take a picture of it.” Giant crocodile tears.  With great angst… “I will never see this poo-poo again!”  More loud, dramatic crying. My analytical side watches his face contort, wondering how he gets his mouth open that wide while frowning and screaming.  His face is turning red.  My face registers nothing Continue »

College Freshman Warning

If you read the title of this post and got here quick to see what calamity might befall your precious college freshman, the warning is for you not your child! The tips listed below are for you! There are many emotions that have hurled through my heart and head over the last few weeks. Excitement Continue »

The Intentional Mom

It is good to meet you all here at MomLife Today! I’m looking forward to spending time together in this community of moms. I’m much in need of it myself! As some of you know, I’m a busy analyst, author, and speaker — but much more importantly, I’m a wife to my husband, Jeff, and mom to two Continue »