Not Because of Who I Am

Today I was listening to one of my favorite worship songs. It’s about who God is. Oh, how I love the reminder … Jehovah Jireh … my Provider Jehovah Nissi … my Lord reigns in victory Jehovah Shalom … my Prince of Peace When everything changed in my family, there was a time I struggled Continue »

Looking For a Rescue

Sometimes I think I’m getting whacked repeatedly by the proverbial 2×4, except that I’m not having a really great revelation. Maybe a 2×4 isn’t the best analogy. Although I honestly have to say that the whacking sound matches the pounding in my head and the sad thumping of my heart sometimes. One of the biggest Continue »

My Stomping Sweetie

My 6-year-old is running away. Apparently I’m the worst mommy ever! And I don’t even know what I did this time! I mean usually I have an inkling … I held her accountable for her behavior, said “no,” or didn’t give her what she wants in a timely enough fashion to suit her. But this Continue »

Sanity in the Storm

Lately my biggest issue is that I think I’m losing my mind. You might think that should be considered of paramount importance, but I think it was bound to happen–I have way too much going on in my life and my head. I’m surviving on adrenaline, strong tea, and the love of my children. The other Continue »

No Pretty Little Bow

I think I want to hide – preferably in a nice beach house. Over the past four years I’ve felt many things more acutely than I thought possible – physical reactions to emotional things. A broken heart really does feel broken. A lump in my throat really does make it difficult to swallow. And stress Continue »