The Piano Interview

After years of focusing on basic life and academic skills with two of my children, who have some developmental challenges, we have now arrived at the middle school years. One of the basic decisions I faced in planning their home school curriculum for this year was whether to continue to peck away with large amounts Continue »

Cheers to Cheerios Dad Ad

This short video was so awesome it invaded our very important, long-awaited staff meeting last week. And I thought, I just have to share this with MomLife readers, too! Can all you moms celebrate fathers with me for a minute? This video is a new commercial for—of all things—a DAD (not a mom) advertising peanut butter Continue »

National Stepfamily Day

Did you know that Tuesday, September 16th is National Stepfamily Day? In honor of National Stepfamily Day, we are pleased to share this new video from FamilyLife Blended with you. If you have a stepfamily, do something special to celebrate the day. If you’re not in a blended family, reach out to someone who is and Continue »