Embracing the Little Pink Duck

Kelly’s MOMent “So I’m curious which little duckling you got…” I texted my friend after our MOPS meeting. “I’m the one with one thing after another who’s just trying to survive her life!! Didn’t see that one coming, right?! :))” I joked. “The ironic thing is,” I continued, “when the speaker said our table leader Continue »

Are You Stressed?

“When full time parenting is over, when all my kids are grown and on their own, then I’ll be so much more relaxed, have more time to myself, and will have a lot less stress,” I thought with confidence and expectancy. Once again I totally missed on that assumption just as I wrongly assumed life Continue »

MomLife Today MOMents

Jeanette’s MOMent Hi, I am 25 yrs old and I’d love to give testimony of one out of countless gifts God has given me. After trying for what seemed forever to get pregnant, after taking countless pregnancy tests and and crying out to God, I decided to surrender. So in agreement with my husband. I Continue »


I’ve often referred to my life as “joyful chaos.” I’ve been exceedingly blessed with five children—five boisterous people who make my life beautiful. But I have one little person in particular who is gifted at bringing the party, but her parties completely stress me out. How can someone so small cause such mayhem? She is challenging and Continue »

Mom: My Number One Fan

It’s something I can count on—like the sun rising in the morning or my 2-year-old crawling in bed with me during the night—I just know it will happen. Within minutes after putting up a new post on my blog, I get a notification that someone has commented. My most faithful reader has come back again. I Continue »