Operation No, No, No Bikini

I know we’re at the end of the summer … but it finally happened. We had to replace my 13-year-old daughter’s bathing suit, during a season where she’s been surrounded by friends and family with different swimwear rules. So: “Please, Mom? Please can I have a bikini too?” Understanding our “no” was even more difficult, Continue »

Is Engagement Extinct?

It is odd that a simple “life scene” that played out before my eyes in a doctor’s office waiting room would leave me near tears. As I entered the waiting room I checked myself in, and without much thought I walked to the far portion of the waiting room and sat in a chair to Continue »

Teaching My Child to Avoid Idolatry

The notion of idolatry sometimes seems like a foreign, Old Testament concept, yet it’s all around us. And I’m not only referring to worshiping statues. The other day Eldest turned on one of those network TV music talent shows. I actually enjoyed the program. The judges and producers were encouraging, helpful, and kind, even in the face of Continue »

Cover Up Girl

Summer is here along with all the fun bright patterns and colors, sandals and pedicures … and swimsuits. When our little girls start blossoming, their natural desire to look more grown up and less ‘little girlish’ entices them to wear trendy fashions, including swimsuits, which have increasingly decreased in the amount of fabric used. But Continue »