Operation No, No, No Bikini

I know we’re at the end of the summer … but it finally happened. We had to replace my 13-year-old daughter’s bathing suit, during a season where she’s been surrounded by friends and family with different swimwear rules. So: “Please, Mom? Please can I have a bikini too?” Understanding our “no” was even more difficult, Continue »

Is Engagement Extinct?

It is odd that a simple “life scene” that played out before my eyes in a doctor’s office waiting room would leave me near tears. As I entered the waiting room I checked myself in, and without much thought I walked to the far portion of the waiting room and sat in a chair to Continue »

Teaching My Child to Avoid Idolatry

The notion of idolatry sometimes seems like a foreign, Old Testament concept, yet it’s all around us. And I’m not only referring to worshiping statues. The other day Eldest turned on one of those network TV music talent shows. I actually enjoyed the program. The judges and producers were encouraging, helpful, and kind, even in the face of Continue »