by Shelly Bergeron Do you ever feel like you’ve lost hope? I felt like I had very little hope left this past month. Our oldest son, whom we adopted three and a half years ago at the age of 14, was supposed to be gone to camp for a month. I had been dreaming about Continue »


I’ve often referred to my life as “joyful chaos.” I’ve been exceedingly blessed with five children—five boisterous people who make my life beautiful. But I have one little person in particular who is gifted at bringing the party, but her parties completely stress me out. How can someone so small cause such mayhem? She is challenging and Continue »

The Stuffy Air of Annoyance

I can feel it: the air of impatience, the attitude of annoyance, and the minute from angry. My kids feel it too. “Mama! Look, there’s a tea with the word ‘Relax’ on it! You should get that!” “Yes. Yes I should!” I replied. I’ve had several cups of that yummy tea … don’t feel relaxed. Continue »