Meet Ashley Escue

Meet our new regularly featured vlogger at MomLife Today, Ashley Escue! Ashley Rainey Escue is the mother of 5 sons and a foster mom of 14 the last two years.  She loves her kids and has been thrilled to discover that through foster care she can have a ministry in others lives while still staying Continue »

Adoption: Pray and Prepare

“Hi! Are you Megan? Everyone has told me I need to talk to you! My husband and I are in the process of adopting from [overseas], and I would just love to ask you some questions and hear about your experience!” I did not recognize this woman, but apparently we had some common acquaintances. She Continue »

Shot Through the Heart

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND YOU’RE TO BLAME… YOU GIVE LOVE… A BAD NAME. Bon Jovi belts this out in his gravelly rockstar voice as two 40ish “young guns” rock out in the front seats of their white minivan, while reminiscing about the memories they had about that song and that time in their lives Continue »

Paperwork Pregnant

I am, as they say, “paperwork pregnant.” It wasn’t coursing hormones or a full bladder that stirred me this morning at 5:06, but a chirpy text alert from my cell phone: My lawyer letting me know my file was, at long last, complete. Sinking back on my pillow, sedated in a thick haze of half-sleep, Continue »

I Will Always Come Back

by Jamie Ivey It’s been almost four years since my 8-year-old-son came home to us from Haiti. Most days his wounds from abandonment and adoption are unseen to the naked eye. He is happy, adjusted, confident and courageous. But every once in a while these wounds make themselves known to us, and it’s in these moments Continue »

Be Strong and Courageous

by Jon Bergeron This morning, feeling battle weary, I turn toward my Bible looking for encouragement and affirmation in the midst of the struggle. As I have talked and written about the challenges of adoption and foster care, the analogy of warfare and doing battle continues to come to the fore for me. Maybe it Continue »