On Being Resolved

New Years’ resolutions get me down. I get pretty overwhelmed when I think about all of the areas I need to work on… physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I need to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, church member, blogger. I need to be more thoughtful, less selfish, more servant-like, less judgmental, exercise more, Continue »

STOP the Holiday Cheer!

I know, I know it sounds “bah, hum bug” to say stop the holiday cheer… but that’s not exactly what I mean by that statement. As moms we all get that the marketers are winding us up, wanting us to bounce all over town doing, doing, doing, buying, buying, buying to have the “perfect holiday” Continue »

Convicted by a Commerical

Being a “Tarheel” (UNC) basketball fan, I was glued to March Madness. Competition was fierce among friends as we tried to beat each other in the brackets. Watching so many games, I saw a lot of advertisements. And it was an advertisement, rather than a last second “slam dunk,” that is having the most impact Continue »

The Best CHRISTmas Ever

My son has to be the biggest fan of the Christian children’s cartoon “Veggie Tales.” He absolutely loves them. He mimics every character, and he knows almost every “silly song.” Well, ever since he saw (and watched repeatedly) the “Veggie Tales” movie entitled “The Star of Christmas,” he has been hooked. In fact, there’s this Continue »

Holy Spirit MOMent

How I experience the Holy Spirit … and He helps me. I am feeling overwhelmed. Alone. I wonder if anyone notices me as I go through my busy day as a mom. Even if someone notices “what I do,” am I noticed? One of the most trying parts of being a mom is feeling like Continue »

Heaven is Like Grandma’s

My little girl spent the night at Grandma’s this week, which very well may be her favorite place in the entire world. She ate waffles for breakfast and got to watch Clifford and Curious George. Tonight, she asked, “Mom, can I wake up at Grandma’s?” This evening, I’d been contemplating challenging things: friends fighting valiantly Continue »

What Christ Did at Christmas

We were all excited. I’d planned a sparkling Christmas family night: soup with cornbread, making popcorn balls, and then cuddling up together for “The Polar Express.” Ahh. Christmas! What started it all going downhill? It could be the whining about not wanting to make Dad’s favorite popcorn balls so they could go straight to the movie, Continue »