Don’t Look Away

Day after day we move through the moments doing what we are called to do. We get up, our feet hit the floor, and we push ahead. We choose where our thoughts will go, what we will focus on, and the lens we will view life through. Moment by moment. I don’t know if we Continue »


By Shelly Bergeron Here are some of the lyrics from the song “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North: I’m tired, I’m worn My heart is heavy From the work it takes To keep on breathing. This was my go-to song about six months ago. It’s still one of my favorites. When I feel like I can’t Continue »

Moms Need Encouragement

The other day Eldest and I had a wonderful mother-daughter date … until the drive home. Somehow, reflection on a movie shifted into an argument about laundry, which ended in me screaming, “Listen to me!” Nice one, Mom … I apologized, but my action shattered our fun. We arrived home in icy silence and entered the Continue »

Sweet Romance for a Single Mom

Romance is one of those words that feels like it should only be ascribed to the affection between a man and woman. It conjures up images of quiet pond-side picnics, beautiful bouquets of flowers and strolling violins. There is so much more to romance – it’s richer and deeper and more beautiful than we could Continue »

Who Are You Really?

I’m honored to be able to go to a local high school once a month to talk with teen moms. When I did this recently, about 10 moms came to our support group in the midst of their school day. When we broke for lunch, only four came back after getting their food. Before, I Continue »