Are Women Sick of Sex?

My book entitled SOS:Sick of Sex was written for women, but I am finding that many men are not only reading it, but also recommending it to other men to read. In this book, I plead with women to believe God’s truth about sexual intimacy. But there is one lie that has left a great Continue »

Great SEX-pectations

When I was newly engaged (and long before that), I expected sex would be the easy part of marriage. Expectations cause so much trouble, don’t they? I wonder if I’m the only one who had this idea. For me, sex was a giant mystery, and I loved mysteries. In our marriage preparation, I read tons Continue »

Personal Beauty Icon Wanted

I have a confession to make. This week I actually looked up the measurements of some of today’s hottest female celebs. When my husband got home, I happily announced to him whose hips and dress size I shared. (Nope, I’m not gonna tell you who!) Oh, I wasn’t really that into what she looked like. Continue »

Are You Having Super Sex?

Or are you sick of sex? I am sick of the enemy deceiving those I love.  I take it personally and frankly am not going to take it anymore. At church, marriage conferences and even with my relatives I am seeing that women are bored, tired, and unconcerned with continuing to pursue growth in sexual Continue »

The No More Headaches Challenge!

Don’t know about you, but Liz Sanchez’ December 2010 post, “Take The Pretty Nightie Challenge,” may be the most talked about MomLife Today post in the Gresh house. Take it from a woman whose husband accuses her of being a hoodie-aholic (but only at bedtime), it’s a good thing to consider the concept of putting on something pretty now and then despite the fact that you’re sure you’ll freeze to death. (I took Liz’s challenge and wore something pretty to bed for a month and I did not freeze to death. I am, in fact, still alive!) The Pretty Nightie Challenge certainly ignited a few confessional conversations amongst me and my girlfriends. I might have even bought and shipped a somewhat pretty nightie to one of my fellow MomLife Today bloggers. (She shall remain nameless.)