National Stepfamily Day

Did you know that Tuesday, September 16th is National Stepfamily Day? In honor of National Stepfamily Day, we are pleased to share this new video from FamilyLife Blended with you. If you have a stepfamily, do something special to celebrate the day. If you’re not in a blended family, reach out to someone who is and Continue »

Holiday Tips for Blended Families

“I feel badly for my kids and stepkids during the holidays,” Amber, a stepmom explained. “They are shuffled between homes, unfamiliar traditions and stepfamily members. I can tell it’s stressful for them. I wish there was something I could do to make it easier.” Amber is one smart stepmom. She recognizes the complexities and tension Continue »

Trash Talking

I once had a stepmom say to me, “You know, every time I go to my stepson’s baseball game the biological mom makes it very obvious that she does not want me there, that she doesn’t think I belong there.  She storms around the field, and it makes it very uncomfortable for my stepsons.” I Continue »