A Wise Woman Builds her Home…

A while back one of my sweet friends complained her husband had ruined something while doing housework—and he heard all about it. Several times. My first response was, “He does housework?” I’ve been around the sun more than a few times and I’ve heard more wives than you can imagine complain about their husbands. Sad Continue »

Tooth Brush Charades

My husband and I got married this past December so… technically we are still newlyweds. It’s an interesting thing being a newlywed in your  30s. It’s an even more interesting thing being a newlywed with children in your 30s and learning how to blend a family with your new husband. But one of the things Continue »

What Your Husband REALLY Needs!

There are books written on the subject, there are even amazing posts written on the subject of how to inspire your husband.  And while all of these useful, informative words and suggestions are most helpful and appreciated – I also know it can leave us, as wives, feeling overwhelmed and like we are not doing Continue »

Holiday Stress-Reliever

Shopping, baking, pleasing our families,  gift wrapping, school programs, church pageants, caroling, credit card bills, traveling…  Just thinking about the month of December significantly raises my blood pressure.  I have an idea of how I want our family to celebrate the birth of Christ but so many outside commitments and expectations weigh me down.  Not Continue »

Fun in Marriage?

Are you having fun in your marriage? It sounds like a ridiculous question doesn’t it! After all we got married because we liked being with each other and we had fun.  But now, many of us don’t even think about fun. We are just trying to get through the day-cleaning up the next poopy diaper, Continue »