Chris Medina Fan!

American Idol last week … did you watch it? If you didn’t, no matter — all you really need to see is the last five minutes, and that’s on YouTube. Why? Because you want to meet one Mr. Chris Medina. Our children go to youth group at church on Wednesday nights, and Hubby and I Continue »

How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go to improve your marriage and family? So, how far would you go? How about selling your house to travel around the country in an RV with two toddlers? Does that send chill bumps up and down your spine? It did mine when one of my cousins told me about her Continue »

Save Your Marriage Here

I believe in marriage. Between one man and one woman for life. God designed marriage, and that was His intention. My parents have been married for 53 years. My sister has been married for 29 years. My brothers for 22 years and 15 years. Me, for 24 years. Have those combined 143 years of marriage been easy? No. Have Continue »