How Our Neighborhood Impacts Us

“Does your neighborhood impact how you live and think?” We live in a Washington, DC suburb. Life here is very fast paced. Folks are super busy. People rush from one event to another, one important meeting to a crucial private appointment. We are constantly told that we live in the most important city in the Continue »

Mom to the Rescue!

Once a mom, always a mom. What do you think? In my experience, there are many wonderful women who don’t hang up their aprons, even when they are off-duty. I met one the other day. I decided to stay during my daughter’s dance class and spend some time writing. Instead, I ended up talking to Continue »

Facing Rejection

How can a mom handle her own issues with grace and be an example to her children? Rejection. Harsh word, isn’t it? Even harsher is when it happens to me — at least from my perspective. I’m always willing to be a shoulder to cry on for a friend, but I’m not such a fan Continue »