Trash Talking

I once had a stepmom say to me, “You know, every time I go to my stepson’s baseball game the biological mom makes it very obvious that she does not want me there, that she doesn’t think I belong there.  She storms around the field, and it makes it very uncomfortable for my stepsons.” I Continue »

10,000 Stepfamily Days

My husband recently woke up with a smile, “Happy 10,000 days!!” Steve beamed. “What?” I inquired, still groggy. “We met 10,000 days ago today. Happy anniversary,” He replied. My husband was a banker for 25 years, so that explains his obsession with numbers. And we both like to look back over the years and breathe Continue »

Stepmom Perks

There are times when being a stepparent can serve as an advantage.  Children will sometimes share things with a stepparent that they will not disclose to a mom or dad. They also may view a stepmother as an ally or a friend in a way that is very different than a parent. Recently a stepmother Continue »

The “Normal” Step Family

Recently, while in an airport I overheard two women discussing someone they know who is part of a step family. I wasn’t trying to listen, but they were right next to me so it was inevitable. Their conversation went like this: “The kids refuse to introduce Eric’s sons their brothers,” Woman #1 stated. “They insist Continue »

Death in a Step family

I was in Tyler, Texas getting ready to stand before one thousand women when I got the call from my brother, Mark. “Dad has had a stroke, he is in bad shape.” His simple words launched an unexpected domino effect of emotions, activity, and decisions. I flew from Dallas to Orlando, where I live, and Continue »