De-stressing the Holidays

I’m going to say something radical: Thanksgiving is not about the food. Yes, Thanksgiving is a feast. It’s a time to be thankful for the year’s bounty, and we celebrate that with food. But that is not what the focus should be. Sadly, our world is full of images and messages feeding us the notion Continue »

Me and My Big Mouth

“I couldn’t get into the pool or the shower today because they were so crowded,” I huffed to the administrator at my local gym. Before she could reply I stomped out the door. Immediately I was convicted. The little voice deep inside said, “Laura, you were extremely rude to that woman. You have no right Continue »

15 Steps to Take When You Feel Offended

1. Examine your heart. Be sure you are not going to the offender in anger, with an attitude of setting them straight. The goal must be to bring reconciliation, not revenge. 2. Assume the best.  (…or “innocent until proven guilty!) Don’t assume that another person has purposely done something to hurt you. Maybe they are Continue »

Resolving Stepfamily Conflict

Recently during a life coaching session I encountered a stepmom who had a track record of acting negatively toward her adult stepson and his wife. They perceived her as harsh, critical and judgmental. The stepmom admitted that her choices weren’t always wise. However, she proceeded to defend her actions, saying her motives were right and Continue »

Wedding Season Worry

Wedding season has arrived! I just read in a community magazine that, ages and ages ago, June became the traditional month for weddings because people took their annual (as in once per year!) bath in May, so they still smelled pretty good in June. Apparently floral bouquets were added to cover the light odor that Continue »

Mother-in-Law Sagas

I love to tease my mother-in-law Darlyne because the first time my husband John saw me we were at church. I was the 16-year-old cutie sitting in the back row. He was the 20-year-old Marine who was on leave for the weekend and was visiting is family. (John’s father was the pastor.) After church, when Continue »

Say Nothing at All

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3 NIV One of the greatest things the Lord has done for us is giving us older, wiser women to model godliness for us. We see these women all around us–at church and in our communities, our moms and mothers-in-law. Continue »

Exit Bitterness

My mother and grandmother had a contentious relationship. I say “relationship” very gingerly. As a youth the divorce of her parents put a wedge between them that would last until Nana’s death at age 77. Mother, daddy’s princess, could not and would not forgive Nana for separating her from her daddy. It began a root Continue »