Meet Ashley Escue

Meet our new regularly featured vlogger at MomLife Today, Ashley Escue! Ashley Rainey Escue is the mother of 5 sons and a foster mom of 14 the last two years.  She loves her kids and has been thrilled to discover that through foster care she can have a ministry in others lives while still staying Continue »

Adoption: Pray and Prepare

“Hi! Are you Megan? Everyone has told me I need to talk to you! My husband and I are in the process of adopting from [overseas], and I would just love to ask you some questions and hear about your experience!” I did not recognize this woman, but apparently we had some common acquaintances. She Continue »

Paperwork Pregnant

I am, as they say, “paperwork pregnant.” It wasn’t coursing hormones or a full bladder that stirred me this morning at 5:06, but a chirpy text alert from my cell phone: My lawyer letting me know my file was, at long last, complete. Sinking back on my pillow, sedated in a thick haze of half-sleep, Continue »

Room for One More

“Mrs. DesCarpentrie, do you have room for one more?” It’s a question I have been asked several times from a Department of Children & Family Services caseworker, scrambling to find a home for a desperate and scared child. It’s a tough question. Do I have an empty bed? Is there an extra seat in my Continue »