Sweet Romance for a Single Mom

Romance is one of those words that feels like it should only be ascribed to the affection between a man and woman. It conjures up images of quiet pond-side picnics, beautiful bouquets of flowers and strolling violins. There is so much more to romance – it’s richer and deeper and more beautiful than we could Continue »

Who Are You Really?

I’m honored to be able to go to a local high school once a month to talk with teen moms. When I did this recently, about 10 moms came to our support group in the midst of their school day. When we broke for lunch, only four came back after getting their food. Before, I Continue »

Find Healing After Abortion

I had a chance to watch October Baby with my family and I have to say I loved the movie! It’s about a young woman who discovers that she was adopted–but more than that, that she survived an abortion attempt by her birth mother. It’s an impacting, moving story. It’s told well, and they did Continue »

Living With Uncertainty

I imagine each one of us is living with some kind of uncertainty. Uncertainty over a job application, uncertainty about what medical tests will reveal, or how to handle a hormonal teen, or make the best decision, deal with a misunderstanding with a friend, or a child’s depression and anger. There’s financial uncertainty, political uncertainty, Continue »

Faith: Small Weights, Lots of Reps

A handful of people I talk to seem bewildered—or concerned—by some strange internal constitution that would make us attempt Africa with four kids. (It seems there’s such a thin line between brave and stupid…) Let me be clear: This journey has indicated that I am no superwoman. But though I’m constantly wrestling with whatever new Continue »

A Cross Stitched Life

Last night I was cross-stitching a lovely pattern with an eagle in flight. It looked so simple. I was wrong. That dang eagle is all kinds of shades of brown – light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black brown, etc… and when you put them all together in those little tiny boxes of crosses, my Continue »