Thinking About What Others Think

“Why didn’t she smile at me? Do my friends still like me? Did I say something dumb?” “They must think I’m the worst parent ever … look how my child is behaving!” “I can’t believe I let my daughter go to school so mismatched. Her teacher probably thinks I’m a mess.” “Oh goodness, my car Continue »

Raising Good Conversationalists

Do you sometimes feel embarrassed in front of your friends because your child won’t talk and simply grumbles a “yes” or “no” to an adult’s questions? Do you have trouble getting him to talk? Or do you yourself feel awkward in engaging someone in a conversation? Some skills in the family will be more “caught Continue »

An Antidote for Stress

There is one simple but profound reality that might have made a big difference for me as a mother … if I had the wisdom and maturity to have grasped it when I was swimming in children, chores, and Cheerios. I’ll explain why I say only “might” later. Just a few months ago I learned Continue »

Me and My Big Mouth

“I couldn’t get into the pool or the shower today because they were so crowded,” I huffed to the administrator at my local gym. Before she could reply I stomped out the door. Immediately I was convicted. The little voice deep inside said, “Laura, you were extremely rude to that woman. You have no right Continue »

Rejected by Two Men

“Why doesn’t he want to spend time with us,” I wailed.  “Have we done something wrong?” Our 18-year-old son had been busily working a summer job and spending time with his friends, and he wasn’t interested in spending much time at home. I missed him, and my feelings were hurt! (You know…because it’s all about me!) Continue »