Gifts: This Way Up

My five-year-old raced into the kitchen today after an outing with his dad, new toy car in hand — a bright red Dodge Charger. Red is my son’s favorite color; he could hardly rip the packaging off fast enough. (I believe he is sleeping with it as I blog.) “Cool! Did you buy that with your allowance?” Endlessly Continue »

Poised for Radical Love

She hurt me. To this day, sometimes when I think about her, fear folds itself around my chest. Though sometimes I have to choose to forgive her again, I believe God has given me grace to forgive her. But I still feel afraid. Then I had a conversation the other night about a totally separate circumstance Continue »

A Giving Spirit

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season seems to be the best environment to model a giving spirit for our children, even in these tough economic times. An encouraging model is a judge in my city; she has the giving spirit all year. Once a month in her family court the judge renders decisions about sending mothers Continue »

Christmas Giving

Last year we decided to minimize the commercialism of Christmas and  emphasize the birthday of Jesus Christ. We purchased a cow to feed a family in Africa instead of giving gifts to our married children. Christmas is the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ. He received three gifts from the wise men, so we should receive Continue »