Mothering from the Heart

The hardest part of mothering is dealing with you. First, you have to deal with your need to succeed in everyone’s eyes. You don’t want to be “that mother” who forgets the snack after the soccer game or forgets to send your kids with 100 M&Ms on the 100th day of school. Second, you want Continue »

Following Dreams

I often ask moms what they dream about. “If you could do anything and know it would succeed, what would it be?” I often hear things like: Teach cooking classes Design websites Make custom jewelery Write a book Sounds great! But, when I ask another moms about when they’re going to take steps to fulfilling their Continue »

Being Normal

I received a note from a good friend who is reading the book Susan Yates and I wrote, “Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest.” She wrote, “Read more of the book last night and am so glad I did. I really drank in the chapter on loneliness. Between ministry and life stages I was so comforted Continue »

Olympic Impossibilities

Did you or did you not gasp when China’s Shen and Zhao faltered on that lift? I could hardly contain myself as I waited for their scores to find out if — after years of Russian domination in Olympic figure skating pairs — the married couple who’d come out of retirement to compete had won. Continue »