Becoming Relevant

Interruptions. Obstacles. Full Stops. Moments when God locks doors and makes the handles red hot to burn your fingers and keep you safe from going places you shouldn’t. Moments when your life changes forever. Has that ever happened to you? Does it feel painful when God tells you, “No … stop … wait. …”? It did Continue »

My MomLife

MomLife … is a word that has described my existence for the last 21 years. I’m excited to be joining the MomLife Today group of bloggers. As a recent transplant to Little Rock, I’m just getting to know these amazing women. I’m also thrilled to connect with you — ordinary moms who have good days, bad Continue »

Reducing Clutter

This past weekend, Memorial Weekend, Dennis and I started cleaning our garage; actually, it’s a large storage shed. The garage was converted into a playroom equipped with a Ping-Pong table and foosball machine for our growing clan of teenagers over 15 years ago. Since we had to have a place for the lawn mower, bikes, and all Continue »

Is it that Obvious?

At our house, if my toddler uses the toilet, my preschooler gets a jellybean, too; we want him to encourage his brother. On one such occasion, I told the eldest that he could get one jellybean for himself and one for his dad, too—an avid fan of jellybeans who is supposedly on a kick to Continue »

Doing Nothing

A few weeks ago, I called a friend and asked what she was doing. Her breathing was heavy, like she’d run to get the phone. “Nothing. I haven’t gotten anything done today.” Hmm, I thought to myself. She has five children, three dogs, four cats, one horse, and an executive-by-week-rancher-by-weekend hubby. After further probing, she Continue »

Mom and the City

by Paula Dumas Balance has officially gone Hollywood. Did you catch The Today Show interview with Sarah Jessica Parker a while back? She was asked if she would consider doing a sequel to the Sex and the City film. Her answer: “You have to ask my son … he has to be willing to be Continue »