Routine To Radical

We humans can be such creatures of habit. I think habit may just be where we feel safest. Safe is good.  However, as I look at the life of Jesus He was anything but safe. He consistently caused those whose path He crossed to reconsider their routine and consider His radical. And here’s the thing Continue »

What is Your Value, Mom?

Recently I saw a book entitled something like “The Best Couples Die Rich.” Really? Is that the goal? To chase the wind and die trying to hold it? To end life thinking, “Well, at least I drove a really nice car …” We live in a culture of greed. And I’m not talking about them. Continue »

Homeschool Holiday Volunteering!

What are you doing for your Christmas homeschool break? Shopping? Traveling? Opening your home to family and friends? Have you thought about adding “volunteering” to your holiday festivities? Many homeschooling families take off some time during December from homeschooling, which opens up hours for volunteering. At the same time service organizations seek willing workers to Continue »