Joys of Summer: Cousin Camp

We just finished our annual cousin camp-one of the great joys of summer. Each summer my husband John and I have our grandchildren- ages four and older to our little farm for three nights and 4 days of time alone with their cousins and us-no parents allowed! This year there were 13 first cousins. Yes, Continue »

Theme: Mystery Meal

Do you have patient eaters in your home? You know, those who would rather wait for the next meal than eat what is placed in front of them. Tonight is all about exploration. Try it, you might like scripture: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be Continue »

Theme: State Show-off

Every state, or country for that matter, makes memorable contributions–just like every family. Tonight, sample some things that make certain states stand out and marvel at your own family’s special-ness. table talk: •  What makes your family unique from other families you know? •  What activity do you like to do as a family? scripture: Continue »