Pick a Positive Path

Yesterday I was at a friend’s house chatting while our kids played upstairs. As usual, after only a few minutes, rumblings of discontent reverberated down the stairs. I was tired, so I let my frustration with my daughter’s attitude show. Our children were far out of earshot when I voiced my irritation to my friend, but Continue »

Make and Read History

Our family is a diverse group, a pleasant mixture of races and cultures! It makes for a deep appreciation for each other and for God.  Our interactions cause us to respect our differences. We all have a growing group of friends who cross the racial and cultural lines. We don’t all have the same skin Continue »

How to Talk to Kids about Sex

It was time for “The Talk.” Our six-year-old son was coming up with some astute observations. Like folding clothes for the pregnancy center: “You’re joking, Mom! Girls can’t have babies if they don’t have husbands!” Hmm. Well …  And he was certainly noticing some things that I think I’ll avoid putting on the ol’ blog. Continue »