Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster is the Founder and Executive Director of MomLife Today and the annual Mom Camp event help at Pine Cove Christian Camp. Her book Be The Mom, LifeWay Bible Study Beautiful Mess and speaking engagements have allowed her the privilege of speaking into the lives of women sharing what God is teaching her. “Be intentional. Be relational. Be selfless.” In a nutshell, that’s her life and message. Tracey has been a mom since 1993 and she and Bill have been married for over 30 years. | @MomBlog

“God has taught me to delight in Him and forgive myself (and others) as I walk through life seeking peace and living joy! If I’m not writing, you might find me hiking, kayaking, on a horse, in my garden or whipping up love on a plate. Intentional parenting and relationship building have always been a priority in our home! On the farm, everything stops to take in the sunrise and sunset…His workmanship puts a lot into perspective. Oh, and…I never met a fresh baked chocolate laced cookie I didn’t like, housework is highly overrated and daggum it slow down and live life people! Big Hug!”

Marriage in Turmoil?

My husband struggles with workaholism, a time-stealing beast he continuously tries to tame. As his loving wife I have to do my very best to support him by praying for him and living with him in an understanding way as much as possible. During one of those seasons in life when he was working more hours Continue »

Beautiful Mess

“I am a mess” are words I have uttered more times than I would like to admit. Do you feel me? If you are a mom, of course you feel me! Now the word “mess” conjures up all sorts of Instagram possibilities in a mom’s mind—there’s the flour-all-over-the-living-room mess, the paint-all-over-the-television mess, the pillow-stuffing-all-over-the-bedroom mess, Continue »

Is Motherhood a Burden?

My thoughts lead me down a path that I do not believe I am intended to go, but the path stretches before me and elicits words my sinful heart aches to embrace and my tickled ears long to hear. “I feel so small. I feel completely forgotten.” “I can’t do this. It requires too much.” Continue »

Teaching Biblical Love

Hey Moms, I just got my hands on something that I REALLY want to share with you because it is such an amazing way to have meaningful, intentional conversation around how to love well! It’s called How Do I Love Thee? and it is beautiful, fun, and easy to use with your children. When we Continue »

Alzheimer’s Rescued Me

There have been two dear people in my life who have been diagnosed with the mind-twisting disease of Alzheimer’s. My heart has been seized by grief on more than one occasion when precious memories and the ability to grasp the here and now have been just out of reach in these precious women. Coming face Continue »

What God Wants for Christmas

Do your children have any trouble describing for you what they want for Christmas? I know, ridiculous question. Want to mess with your kid’s mind a little bit? Ask your child, “Hey, what do you think God wants for Christmas?” The answers you will get may be noble and heartfelt, but the real answer can Continue »