Susan Yates

Susan Yates has written thirteen books and has spoken nationally and internationally on the subject of marriage, parenting and women’s issues for many years. For 11 years she was a regular columnist on parenting for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Susan is the mother of five and has 21 grandchildren, including a set of quads. She is devoted to sharing her wisdom and experience with moms and wives and is selflessly available to those in need. Susan has been a mom for 40 years, she and John have been married for 43 years.

Susan Says: “I’m Susan Yates and I think I’m one of the oldest of the bloggers, but in my imagination, I’m really 38! When I take care of my daughter’s five little ones it feels like it’s me all over again. My husband and I had five kids in seven years (including twins) and we still feel the effects of 10 years of not sleeping through the night. Today our five are all married and we have 21 grandchildren. I love being a pastor’s wife, hanging out with the next generation, writing (especially with fellow blogger Barbara), speaking, dogs, horses, hiking, Tarheel basketball, cooking less, and eating more chocolate.”

Joys of Summer: Cousin Camp

We just finished our annual cousin camp-one of the great joys of summer. Each summer my husband John and I have our grandchildren- ages four and older to our little farm for three nights and 4 days of time alone with their cousins and us-no parents allowed! This year there were 13 first cousins. Yes, Continue »

How and Why to Handle Backtalk

“You stupid, big fat ugly Mommy.” “You are so mean. I wish you weren’t my Mom.” “You are the worst Mom in the world.” Or: “No! I won’t!” If you haven’t heard these phrases or ones like these in your home, you must not have kids! Backtalk in a home with young children is a common, Continue »

Are You In a Fog?

Recently I went for a walk in the woods. It was one of those days when the temperature hovered at 32 degrees. Thick mist had settled into the trees intent on reaching the lowest ground. The humidity was nearly 100 percent. Would there be rain, sleet, or snow? There was no way to know. It Continue »