Shaunti Feldhahn

Shaunti Feldhahn is a best selling author and nationally renowned speaker, best known for her break out book For Women Only that led to a series of other related titles. She has been featured on The Today Show, Fox News, K-Love radio and many other media outlets. Shaunti is the mother of two school age children she places as a priority while remaining a professional woman who seeks to equip others to find balance in their lives. Her much needed Life Ready Woman series was developed to help women understand their role in today’s “do-it-all” world. Shaunti has been a mom for 13 years, she and Jeff have been married for 18 years.

Shaunti Says: “Hey friends – Shaunti Feldhahn here. And I still can’t quite believe that I am here! God has had me on quite an unexpected, amazing, hang-on-for-the-ride journey, where I started out as an analyst on Wall Street and somehow ended up a best-selling author, speaker and social researcher. Backstory: God had given me some amazing opportunities to gain skills in analysis, research and leadership in graduate school at Harvard, on Capitol Hill and on Wall Street – but for a different and more wonderful reason than I could have imagined. Instead of helping my bosses understand the inner workings of large Japanese banks, I’m now helping readers and listeners understand the most important things about the most important people in their lives – things that are vital to their life, their marriage, their children, their happiness, that they might never know otherwise. What a privilege! Most importantly, God has also brought me a wonderful and very involved husband, Jeff, and two amazing and active young children. I sometimes just have to laugh at my odd life where I’m driving my kids to soccer or karate one hour, and flying out for a speaking engagement the next. With a husband, a house, a daughter in middle school, a son in grade school, two cats, a staff of amazing employees, and great publishers, business partners and ministry partners, I’m grateful every single day for the privilege of being used by Him!”

From a Father to a Daughter

Those of you who have daughters know the awe-inspiring beauty of seeing your little girl’s face for the first time. Every soft hair, every skin cell … it’s all perfect. You hold her close and you can’t believe how you got to be so blessed. She is God’s majesty, wrapped in a pink, fluffy blanket. Continue »