Robyn McKelvy

Robyn McKelvy has devoted her life to the care and building up of others. In her home, through the church her husband pastors and through years of speaking at Weekend To Remember Get-Away’s around the country as well as countless women’s events. Robyn is the mom of sixteen children, seven in heaven and nine amazing souls here on earth who have received her full attention from the time they were born or grafted into her family. Robyn’s first book SOS – Sick of Sex is in stores now as is her devotional book, “Say IT Loud: Becoming your husband’s personal cheerleader.” Robyn has been a mom for 24 years and married to Ray for over 25 years. | Facebook

Robyn Says: “Hey all, I am Robyn, a wife, mother, sister, aunt, neice, daughter-in-law, friend and any other title a woman with differing relationships can hold. I pray this blog will bless your socks off and that you will find that you are not alone. I love prayer and watching God in action. HE IS TRULY MORE THAN AMAZING!”

The Weekend to Forget

It was about a year and a half after we married, and Ray came bouncing through the door of our home so excited about signing us up for this “marriage encounter” weekend he had heard about on the radio. With a new marriage and a new honeymoon baby, I felt going away for the weekend, Continue »


This week I had the privilege of being inconvenienced. My entire schedule and plans were laid aside to parent another family’s seven children. The father had to go through an unexpected surgery, the mother was five months pregnant with their eighth child, and they live miles and miles away from their families of origin. But this is Continue »

Get on the Boat!

Noah’s wife got on the boat! Think about it. Noah’s wife got on the boat! Marriage is a crazy commitment. God often asks husbands or wives to do something that some would say is insane or irrational. But when I think about Noah’s wife (whose name, by the way, is never given in the Bible) Continue »

Appreciate Your Pastor? Yes or No?

I have been hearing about many celebratory days recently. In the last couple of weeks, I have heard about National Pancake Day, National Doughnut Day, Cow Appreciation Day, and the list goes on. There is a day in October that I am finding is very controversial. After researching and choosing to go ahead with this blog Continue »

He Made an A!

I know there are many women out there who wrestle every evening when homework time rolls around. To have a child who struggles with school work is like another full time job. It drains you! It keeps you up at night wondering how you can help him or her. You have left many tears on Continue »