Megan Rice

Hello, moms! I am so happy to share with you some of my experiences and lessons learned as I have loved my six children. One of the best decisions my husband and I made early on was to set our budget on one income – his! – so that I could invest fulltime in the lives of any little ones God brought us, and bring them He did. Boys, girls, birth, adoption, curly hair, straight hair, near-sighted, far-sighted, American, Russian, high school, elementary, overachieving, and working to keep up. Busy? Yes, but everyone’s busy doing something, right? I choose momming! In my spare moments, I like reading, watching sports, and enjoying peace and quiet.

Adoption: Pray and Prepare

“Hi! Are you Megan? Everyone has told me I need to talk to you! My husband and I are in the process of adopting from [overseas], and I would just love to ask you some questions and hear about your experience!” I did not recognize this woman, but apparently we had some common acquaintances. She Continue »

Teens and Diagnosis

I spent one nervous day this past summer waiting for calls and texts from my husband, who was accompanying our teenage son during medical tests. We were waiting for results. Like many parents in similar situations, we had initially observed Teen’s symptoms, but unable to explain them, said, “It’s probably nothing.” Even after an initial Continue »

Comfort in the Waiting Room

When medical special needs first joined our family, we began spending a lot of time at our local children’s hospital. We are fortunate that it was just 10 minutes down the freeway from our house at that time, and there we had access to pretty much every service our child could need. On the other Continue »

Wedding Season Worry

Wedding season has arrived! I just read in a community magazine that, ages and ages ago, June became the traditional month for weddings because people took their annual (as in once per year!) bath in May, so they still smelled pretty good in June. Apparently floral bouquets were added to cover the light odor that Continue »


A hot, humid evening. Bugs in the grass and bugs in the air. A small, rural southern town. A humble baseball field off an unnamed road. Rough bleachers. A concession stand selling frozen pickle juice and overpriced sunflower seeds. Twenty-some boys, all 10 years old. I was about to witness one of the most beautiful, Continue »

Clean House, Clean Heart

So have you done any spring cleaning? Last week I tackled my boys’ room. There are four boys. In. One. Big. Room. Politely put, they are not neat freaks. They are … boys! Confession: due to the demands of large family and special child needs, either I failed to teach my children how to put Continue »

The Funny Things We Do as Moms

A joyful heart is good medicine, according to Proverbs 17:22 (ESV).  Had any good laughs lately? “The boys need their fingernails clipped,” my loving husband mentioned. “I did it during school today.  And I did their toenails a few days ago.” “During school?” (Note: we home school; otherwise this would be really weird.) “Yep.  I Continue »

Are You Serving Fresh Fruit?

It was a beautiful summer day for my son’s 11th birthday, not the southern sweating-and-sweltering we have way too often. We actually celebrated the night before, but there was one gift missing. My mischievous, baseball playing, left-handed son loves fruit. Loves it and devours it! He once stood in front of a crate of clementine Continue »