Lisa Williams

Since leaving full-time radio, this blog is such a blessing for a girl who needs to express herself! If you recognize my name, it may be because you heard me on Christian radio somewhere, sometime since 1990. Over the years, I’m had the chance to share life through radio in many different states and, for the last four years of my full-time radio career, nationally on K-LOVE. I left full-time radio to focus my heart on raising Jon David and Jesse, two strong boys who keep this 40-something mom in laughter, tears, and prayer every single day! I so look forward to reading, sharing, and growing with you as a mom and sister in Christ.

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Boys Love Silly Moms

The conversation was about to end.  I was driving cross-country with my young sons.  It was a three-day road trip from Louisiana to Colorado.  I was on the phone with my friend Tracey Eyster. Just before we hung up, she said, “Remember, Lisa, boys love silly moms.” It was an interesting thing to say.  I Continue »

Failure Bingo

Playdates are amazing!  For a couple of hours, your kids have a way to expend energy and grow in relationships as they play with other similar-aged kids.  And YOU get to submerge yourself into an adult conversation.  It’s great. Because my first child didn’t arrive until I was 38 years old, the wonder of “the Continue »

Just Flush

“No sweetheart, you cannot take a picture of it.” Giant crocodile tears.  With great angst… “I will never see this poo-poo again!”  More loud, dramatic crying. My analytical side watches his face contort, wondering how he gets his mouth open that wide while frowning and screaming.  His face is turning red.  My face registers nothing Continue »