Kennisha Hill

Hello world! I’m Kennisha Hill also know as “Toddler Supermom”. The comic book character Superwoman has nothing on me. I have five children; three in heaven and two toddlers ages three and one. I’m also expecting baby number three, who will arrive in less than 8 weeks. I call myself Toddler-Supermom because I literally fly through the house all day potty-training, changing diapers, wiping spills and reading Elmo books a hundred times. Most days, I literally feel like I have a purple cape growing out of my back. They keep me on my toes, but I love my blessings! I also serve as a teen leader at our church home with my husband Kellus. I love connecting with the young-folk. They are so precious to me and they keep me young! I’m also an author of three books and a weekly magazine columnist. When I put my cape and pen down, I’m either planning a vacation, taking a nap, reading a good book or listening to smooth jazz.

Pray Through It All

While I was writing my memoir, Once Upon A Child, I recounted many moments I had as a little girl that have shaped my thought process as an adult. For example, I was a very strong-willed little person who loved challenges. I wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels when my Continue »