Kelcie Huffstickler

Kelcie Huffstickler has a B.S. in Journalism from Arkansas State University and has written for a number of family publications and websites. She and her high-school-sweetheart hubby have been married for seven years and parents for four. They have two daughters, Eden and Selah, and sometimes feel like they’re swimming upstream in the toddler years. Kelcie’s husband is a firefighter, and she works part-time as a high school abstinence education instructor. Despite feeling overwhelmed by this stage of life, Kelcie is committed to intentional parenting and passing a heritage of faith to her children. She enjoys living among family in the safety of a small town and writes about it on her blog This Beautiful Inheritance.


Kelcie Says: “Hi y’all, I’m Kelcie. I’m a small town, southern girl through and through! My hubby, two girls, and I live a simple life with more family in a two mile radius than you thought possible! On most days, you can find me playing Cinderella, making “cheese sandwiches,” and pretending not to see the worst hiders ever in a game of hide-and-seek. We also enjoy popping in on my parents who live three blocks away and rounding up cousins for a play-date. During those rare moments of Mommy Time, I enjoy cups of coffee, writing, and a little Dr. Phil. I’m a far-from-perfect Mama but thankful for God’s Grace that covers me anyway.”

I Still Do

As I stood there in my white strapless gown across from the handsome boy I’d been dating for years, it was easy and effortless to say “I do.” We were young, in love, and anxious to start our married life together. As we moved into our first apartment and attended college together, we enjoyed freedom Continue »

Mom: My Number One Fan

It’s something I can count on—like the sun rising in the morning or my 2-year-old crawling in bed with me during the night—I just know it will happen. Within minutes after putting up a new post on my blog, I get a notification that someone has commented. My most faithful reader has come back again. I Continue »

The Joy of Spring

Today is the first 75-degree day of the year. I’m typing this post from our picnic table, my kids are playing in the yard, and my husband is working on his fishing boat. Though it may not be true on the calendar, for me, today is the first day of spring. (I’m aware that by Continue »

Making a Home

When my daughter recently turned four, I decided to save money and make her cake myself. I scoured the internet for cute pumpkin-themed ideas and finally decided on one that I thought was a creative, Pinterest style. I’d put two bundt cakes on top of each other, creating the shape of a pumpkin, cover them Continue »

MomLife Boot Camp

A year ago, I had never heard of MomLife Today. I was involved in a group called Arkansas Women Bloggers, and my friend, the founder, told me about a giveaway they were hosting for a trip to something called MomLife Bootcamp. I should enter, she said. She thought it was something I’d love. A few Continue »

Christmas Memory

Every year it was the same thing. My dad brought home 20 or so white paper sacks from the restaurant that we owned, and my sister and I lined them up across the living room floor. Then we pulled out our crayons, markers and colored pencils and got to work creating Christmas masterpieces. For most Continue »