Katie Howard Clemens

Katie is the mom of two young children and thoroughly enjoys eliciting giggles and grins from them. As a brain tumor survivor who found herself raising her two children alone, she learned first hand the power of on-line relationships and has a heart for sharing help and hope with others. Katie has been a mom for 9+ years and has been remarried for 2 years.

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Katie Says: “I am a Mama, Daughter, Sister, Friend, & Princess in the Kingdom of the King of Kings. A Newly-Wed, Microwaver, Sometimes Baker, Dust Bunny Namer, Brain tumor surviving… brain tumor having, inter-webby-tech loving, Jesus Freak. That’s me in a nutshell. I have two beautiful, smart, funny little people I am blessed to have call me mom and a husband who makes my world a pretty awesome place to be. The kids call my husband Pop… cause they already have a Dad. We’re ALL learning how to blend this thing called family. I currently serve as the MomLife Today Community Manager.”

Tooth Brush Charades

My husband and I got married this past December so… technically we are still newlyweds. It’s an interesting thing being a newlywed in your  30s. It’s an even more interesting thing being a newlywed with children in your 30s and learning how to blend a family with your new husband. But one of the things Continue »

22+ Books for Boys

Tuesday is library day this Summer.  My son is only 5 and is just learning to read but when we enter the library he makes a beeline for the comic book section. Pokemon, Star Wars, and anything to do with Super Heroes. Last week Dannah wrote about why the kind of books boys read is so important which Continue »

The 3-2-1 Cake

All Summer long on Mondays we’re making or building something. Today we baked a cake. But baking a cake doesn’t have to take long or be complicated to be a lot of fun. In fact with 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes you can have as many mini cakes to decorate as you’d like! This Continue »