Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts has served alongside her pastor husband in ministry for over three decades as a teacher, mentor and international speaker. She served as the keynote speaker for the True Woman conferences held by Revive Our Hearts. Karen is a mom to four and a grandmother of 8 who continues to host Grandparent Camp each summer in her home. She is a Founding member of a community outreach program that gives away thousands of dollars each year to those in need who are working towards a better future. Karen has been a mom for 40 years and she and Crawford have been married for 42 years.

Karen Says: I am Karen Loritts. So far I have logged 319,680 hours as a wife to a wonderful husband and 302,400 hours as the mother of four (now-adult) children, with only a fraction of the time being the fun MiMi to five energetic, talkative grandchildren who are spread over 1,400 miles from my home! And I can’t forget my “grandpuppy” who belongs to my youngest—the only single in the family who insists on that title. Teacher, pastor’s wife, community volunteer, lunch date for girlfriends, and golf cart chauffeur for my golf-enthusiast hubby—all these titles seem to get wedged into my ever expanding to-do list. Life is so fun at this stage!

Cousins Reading Club

“I’m bored!” The dreaded words our four children would cry out every summer several weeks after the close of another school year. I knew that unless there were plans and activities to replace the boredom, summer would not only be hot and sticky but really long! Now my school-age grandchildren are burdening their parents with Continue »

Mean Girls

“Nobody wants to play with me.” “She won’t be my friend.” My heart was broken on hearing these words from my teary-eyed granddaughter. She felt dejected. The old nursery rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” is cute but is not true. My little granddaughter can attest that Continue »

3 Tips to Improve Your Marriage

My husband and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary! It doesn’t seem that long ago. We told a friend’s little daughter that we were celebrating our 40th anniversary, and with wide eyes, she gasped in disbelief! It was fun. So the question some have asked, what makes marriage work? I was raised by a single mom. Continue »

Gift Giving

I find pleasure in the giving of gifts, whether at Christmas, for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or for any occasion. However, with our family of eight married adults, 10 grandchildren, extended family members, long-time friends, and colleagues, my yearly gift list can number above 40 recipients. So finding creative, memorable gift ideas is becoming more important than a Continue »

“Game On!”

My fondest childhood memory is when mother set up the Monopoly game board on the dining room table to signal “Game On!” As a single parent, relaxing over the weekend meant playing monopoly with her children. We would play the game for hours accumulating properties, hotels, and piles of money. Both my mother and brother Continue »

Timeless Words

While we were raising our children we faced the usual challenges with sibling bickering, sloppiness with household chores, and working long hours on school assignments. We taught them how to build meaningful and lasting friendships, even how to cope with neighborhood bullies. There were many discussions about being dependable and faithful, and being kind to Continue »

Peaceable Living

During those early years as a mother of four, I found that just managing the daily parenting and basic household routines required discipline and strength that went beyond my natural abilities. I was not smart enough or emotionally fit enough to do all that I wanted in a 24-hour day. While caring for and nurturing Continue »

Exit Bitterness

My mother and grandmother had a contentious relationship. I say “relationship” very gingerly. As a youth the divorce of her parents put a wedge between them that would last until Nana’s death at age 77. Mother, daddy’s princess, could not and would not forgive Nana for separating her from her daddy. It began a root Continue »


Many cars today have a GPS accessory for navigating. In our car it has been great just to punch in your destination coordinates and watch the magic of the GPS plot a suitable route. The technology is a wonder–with a voice and graphics plotting your every move. However, there have been times when a discrepancy Continue »