Julia DesCarpentrie

Julia DesCarpentrie is passionate about orphan care, adoption and fostering. She has been blessed to live out God’s call on her life in those areas through her work with The CALL (Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime), a foster care church initiative encouraging more Christian families to foster children in need. Julia has been an advocate for the fatherless for 10 years, as both a volunteer and also serving with Hope for Orphans before her work with The CALL. She is also an active volunteer in the community and has served on several community boards. She continues to minister to other mothers and foster/adoptive families through writing and speaking with MomLife Today. Julia is the mom of five children entrusted to her care through birth, adoption and fostering. She and Branden have been married for 16 years.

Julia Says: Julia DesCarpentrie, aka: Mama, hey Honey, Jewel, MOMEEEE, yo Sis, oh Mother, Julie … depends on who needs me. I answer to the love of my life (who also just happens to be my husband), a drama teen, and three very rambunctious superheroes, and toddler diva. Several years ago we handed our safe little family over to God and told Him to take control. He buckled us in on an adventurous rollercoaster that rocketed us to China to adopt our son with special medical needs, spun us closer to His heart, and plunged us into the south where foster care once again changed our hearts and family. I can usually be found behind the wheel of ‘Mama’s Monster Truck’ (aka the family minivan) on the way to dance, tae kwon do, scouts or school. The laptop travels with me and most of my writing is done waiting in the school pick-up lane.

Invisible Ministry

Missionaries, foster and adoptive families, pastors… It’s easy to recognize their “calling.” They are making a big impact in God’s kingdom! We love to read stories on social media of public servants helping the homeless, our teens serving on mission trips, of God creating a new family through adoption. How quickly we compare ourselves to Continue »

Evolving Family

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.” Alex Haley I was blessed to grow up in a tight-knit, loving family. Every holiday, whether large or small, was celebrated with the family gathering for a meal—grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins—multiple generations sharing food and memories. The food Continue »

Intentional Intimacy

My friend and I were trying to figure our men out. We had each been married five years and each had two young children. We missed the spontaneous intimacy of our pre-children days early in our marriages. “He actually gets cranky if he hasn’t had sex in several days. It’s like he needs to have sex. And I’m so tired, sex Continue »

Redefining Love

Three moms in the first four years of life would confuse any child. So there is little wonder that my son has a hard time understanding love—trust is an intricate part of love, and trust has been broken too many times for him. My son’s sweet former foster mom had nursed him through a rough Continue »

Chameleon Mom

“Please close our foster home…” These were very painful words to type. The decision to close our home to fostering was far harder to make than the decision to open our home and our hearts to children in foster care. But it was a necessary decision to allow us to focus on healing and bonding Continue »