Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer has an M.S. in Communications Disorders, which served her well in her professional career as a speech-language pathologist. Never did she imagine that her education and career were God’s way of preparing her to be a mom to her own daughter with autism. Today, she enjoys reaching out to other families who face similar diagnoses. As a cancer survivor, carpet-cleaning veteran, and originator of the “Messy House Ministry,” Jennifer feels blessed to share joy, peace, and humor with others facing life’s challenges. She is mom to two beautiful daughters and is thankful to be raising them, serving other families with unique needs, and using her gift of writing and speaking to minister to others. Jennifer is also the author of a youth fiction book series and is trusting God with His timing on publication. Jennifer has been a mom for 11 years. She and Brandon have been married for 13 years.

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Jennifer Says: “I’m Jennifer Dyer, AKA Jenn, Mom, Ma, and Aunt Jenn. Although I love to chat with friends, read, and write, most of my hours are spent solving carpet crimes, chasing my daughter with autism, cleaning an endlessly messy house, and looking for my keys. In 2010, God granted me an extension on my life after a bout with cancer and surgery complications, through which I gained a greater appreciation for life, family, and people. Motherhood has taught me more than I ever imagined, including unending love, picking my battles, and how to navigate through a maze of toys and laundry in the dark. Before I wore a motherhood cape, I worked as a speech-language pathologist and traveled with hubby. Although having a special needs child has changed our entire world, we are learning to make adventures out of each moment, laugh whenever possible, and look forward to the greatest destination ever: Heaven, where I will see my Savior and no longer have to scrub carpet.”

My Mature Mom Moment

Rachel, my daughter with autism, adheres to routine. Her favorite activity is riding the school bus, which is not available on Saturdays. She didn’t get the memo. At 3 a.m., Rachel came into our room illuminating the way with her iPad. In her mind, it was time to get up for school (by the way, 3 Continue »

Moms Need Encouragement

The other day Eldest and I had a wonderful mother-daughter date … until the drive home. Somehow, reflection on a movie shifted into an argument about laundry, which ended in me screaming, “Listen to me!” Nice one, Mom … I apologized, but my action shattered our fun. We arrived home in icy silence and entered the Continue »

How Is Your Foundation?

The other day while waging war against the weeds in my yard, I noticed the dirt was pretty low next to the driveway. In fact, there seemed to be a gap under the driveway, right up against the house. I stuck my hand in there … and felt only air. My house weighing, oh, perhaps Continue »