Hi friends! I’m Jenae, the wife of an amazing man and mother to two adorable little boys. Prior to becoming a Mama, I taught a class full of bright-eyed six-year olds all about phonics, sight words, and addition. I now have the pleasure of being able to stay home with the two precious blessings God has entrusted to us. (Well, it’s a pleasure most days… some days it is just plain exhausting!) In addition to fixing quesadillas, making runs for my daily “prescription” of Dr. Pepper, and trying not to step on one of the hundreds of hot wheels that litter my floor, I also share fun and educational ideas for young children at Above all else, I hope to point my children towards Christ and be an example of grace and love to all those around me.

I Am Not Here to Entertain My Children

I’m definitely not going to win the “coolest mom” award on this post.  It might even seem to contradict some things that I’ve previously written on my blog. However, I fear we’re headed down a slippery slope when it comes to parenting and we at least need to start talking about it.  For some reason, as moms, we have this Continue »

Where Should My Child Go to School?

My oldest child just turned five, which means he will be starting kindergarten in just a few short months.  After wondering where on earth the time has gone, my immediate reaction then becomes a little bit of panic regarding the school situation: Where should my child go to school?   Should I homeschool him?  Should he go Continue »

Lessons From a 4-Year-Old

My children never cease to amaze me … and I’m not just talking about how gigantic their messes can be!  I learn something new from them every single day, something that typically deepens my understanding of God and His purposes.

10 Ways to Keep Your Cool as a Mom

We’ve all been there.  We ask our child (for the fifth time) notto do something, only to turn around and find him doing that very thing.  A situation like this one can get even the calmest person’s blood boiling and might normally lend itself to yelling, screaming, or harsh anger. Although the misbehavior needs to be Continue »

Fireworks in a Jar

Having fun as a family this 4th of July doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, it can be as easy as opening your pantry! If your family loves fireworks but you’re looking for a way to stay out of the heat and away from anything flammable, try making your very own fireworks in a Continue »

The Reverse-Cinderella Syndrome

As little girls, we grow up reading fairy tales about beautiful princesses being rescued by their knights in shining armor.  Deep down in our hearts, every little girl yearns to be loved like that.  We want a man to give everything up for us, even if it means his life, to keep us safe and Continue »

My Love Is Enough

I’ve been struggling lately with this debilitating feeling that I’m doing it all wrong with this whole motherhood thing.  I can’t seem to get a schedule in place, I’m grouchy in the mornings, I occasionally yell at my kids when my patience has worn thin, and I just can’t keep up with all the other Continue »