Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein graduated summa cum laude from John Brown University and began her career with NavPress, where she worked on The Message Bible. After having four children she resumed her professional career (around her momlife) by serving as a writer for FamilyLife. In January of 2012 Janel and her husband, John, packed up their family of six and moved to Uganda to serve with Engineering Ministries International (eMi), an organization that focuses on poverty relief and development, providing structural design and construction management for Christian organizations in the third world. Join us as we all learn first hand, through Janel’s posts, what it’s like to go from suburban America, to answer God’s call in Africa!

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Janel Breitenstein here. My rather wonderful husband and I had four sweet, though not always obedient, kids in about four years. (It makes me a bit tired just thinking about it.) Then, in a dream come true, God threw Africa into the mix! So I write as a freelancer and blogger from Uganda, in between reading stories, schooling my kids, cooking dinner, and, well, the occasional power outage. I enjoy nearly anything creative, and love God’s kingd … I need to go. Someone is dumping something with a lot of pieces.

When God Packs Your Lunch

My mom packed a sack lunch for me daily for nearly my entire school career. (Thirteen years, three sisters, and my father… that’s a lot of lunches.) I believe the only meals I desired for hot lunch were spaghetti and corn dogs—obviously before that whole school lunch health food kick. My handled box, brown paper Continue »

The 2014 Question

Looking around my table this past Thanksgiving, I took a long drink of that goodness that feels so deeply good. For me, it was the Thanksgiving of dreams: We were back on furlough from Africa, crowded with close friends and family around a table that can’t even hold all of our feast. We laughed over Continue »