Heather Hawkins

Hi, I’m Heather Hawkins. I’m a mother of four kids, ages 14 to 3. My husband, Tim, travels 11-14 days a month and I homeschool. Crazy? Maybe, but we love it! I love to know what people’s dreams are about, what they want to be, and then help them fulfill those dreams with prayers and cheering. In my spare time I love to travel, read, and exercise. As of November 2010, I am three years clear of breast cancer. And that’s something about which you can cheer for me!

Headsize and Hearts

When Jackson was still in utero, my doctor looked at my husband’s head, turned to me, and said, “Didn’t your momma never tell you never to marry a big headed man? Now you will have to bear his children.” Oops! I had a list of 100 things I wanted in a spouse, but head size never factored Continue »

A Good Book

Sometimes when you read a good book, you never want it to end. Some of you read the ending first because you have to know what will happen. And sometimes these actions parallel how we live our lives. We serve a mighty God who is truly the only one who knows exactly how things turn Continue »

The Hawkins’ Personal Chef

My 12-year-old daughter often complains about the dinners I cook. She resents my organic, fresh-food, “healthy” way of cooking. If life could go her way, she would have Macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and a salad completely covered in ranch (let’s make this clear: “regular ranch,” as she would say, “not Mom’s version of ranch”). Continue »

The Perfect Parent

Sporting a spanking stick in her left pocket and a frown on her brow, my usually happy-go-lucky friend asked, “Aren’t you afraid your children will grow up to rebel?” She had just come out of the back room, disciplining her child for about the seventh time during my visit. You know when the Bible says Continue »