Gina Smith

Gina Smith has served alongside her husband at a small Christian college right outside of Washington DC for almost 20 years, where she serves as the Dean of Women. Gina previously dedicated her days to serving her family, but now that her children are both college students she fully enjoys her calling to mentor to women and young women in person and on-line with her blog Keepin’ It Real! Gina has been a mom for 21 years and she and Brian have been married for 23 years.

Real Life Titus 2 | Facebook | @bgbcsmith

I’m Gina Smith, wife of Brian and mom of Brianna and Caleb. My husband and children have been my greatest gifts! Even though I have entered a new season of life, my children do still need me and I am thrilled about that! I am now the dean of women at the Christian college where we have served for 20 years. Being a mom has been the most wonderful, terrifying, exciting, challenging, satisfying, exhausting, heart wrenching, and heart warming adventure and calling of my life. One for which I will never be fully qualified…but I am extremely grateful for the privilege of being a mom.

Did It Work?

The years after I graduated from high school were  characterized by confusion, insecurity, and lack of direction. I often had a feeling of hopelessness, and the adults in my life really didn’t know what to do with me or my dreams of going to college and being in ministry. I felt very much alone. After Continue »

Meal Time and Small Children

Meal time. When you have young children, it can become just another battlefield! Who wants that? I remember those days, and I remember being somewhat confused as to how to deal with it. What is a parent supposed to do when their child won’t eat what is served to them?  What about when they don’t like Continue »

Nobody is Exempt

One of my greatest desires is to have a close relationship with my children. Although our relationship is far from perfect, I am thankful that they at least know that they can tell me anything. Much of the time we spend talking about thoughts and temptations they have, sifting through them, and figuring out what Continue »

Dance with Me!

We want them to learn how: to obey,  to share,  to be kind,  to love others, to be humble,  to be pure,  to be grateful, to build up, and encourage others! We want them to learn how:  to serve, to show grace,  to work hard,  to be responsible,  and to not be lazy! We want them to:  follow God,  depend on God,  trust in God,  have faith Continue »

15 Steps to Take When You Feel Offended

1. Examine your heart. Be sure you are not going to the offender in anger, with an attitude of setting them straight. The goal must be to bring reconciliation, not revenge. 2. Assume the best.  (…or “innocent until proven guilty!) Don’t assume that another person has purposely done something to hurt you. Maybe they are Continue »