Crystal Paine

Hi, Friends! I’m Crystal Paine, wife to Jesse, and homeschooling mom of Kathrynne (6), Kaitlynn (4), and Silas (2). I’m passionate about Jesus, writing, reading good books, eating dark chocolate, and have high hopes of one day running a marathon (I’m still working on running a 5K without stopping right now, but a girl can dream, can’t she?!). In between diapers and dirty dishes, I blog at Life is never dull around here — and we love it that way (though there are certainly days when I would love nothing more than two minutes of peace and quiet!)

3 Ways to Simplify the Holiday Season

December can be a busy, frantic season full of last-minute shopping, parties, baking, gift-wrapping, recitals, and get-togethers. While these things can all be memorable and special, it’s important that we not lose sight of what’s most important at Christmastime: celebrating the birth of our Savior and savoring the moments and memories. Here are three ways Continue »