Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey is the Co-Founder of FamilyLife, the mother of six and a grandmother to 18 – she is also a mentor and friend to countless women in the United States and abroad. She is a gifted communicator – and artist – who has created, and continues to create, resources that help parents and children connect and impress on their hearts the truth of God’s word. Barbara is the Titus 2 woman we all long to spend time learning from and will embolden you to spend time in the word and be a world changer, while prioritizing family – she will inspire and empower! |

An Antidote for Stress

There is one simple but profound reality that might have made a big difference for me as a mother … if I had the wisdom and maturity to have grasped it when I was swimming in children, chores, and Cheerios. I’ll explain why I say only “might” later. Just a few months ago I learned Continue »

A Good Prayer

We moms have a zillion concerns for our kids. It doesn’t take long to discover that we as parents need all the help we can get. But an interesting transition occurs when your children get older, starting in the middle teen years. Our direct teaching and training opportunities begin to decrease. Or they should. Most teens are not too Continue »

Being Normal

I received a note from a good friend who is reading the book Susan Yates and I wrote, Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest. She wrote, “Read more of the book last night and am so glad I did. I really drank in the chapter on loneliness. Between ministry and life stages I was so Continue »

What To Do When Overwhelmed

Today I am overwhelmed. My unplugged laptop had been set aside to fix another cup of coffee, water some plants, start and fold some laundry, and when I came back it said in red letters, “Battery dangerously low 6%.” Precisely how I feel today. And it’s only 9 a.m. I used to think being overwhelmed Continue »

What’s Wrong About Easter?

Something feels a little uncomfortable about Easter to me. For starters, it’s not about a sweet, soft, cuddly newborn baby, like Christmas. Babies are likeable. Our hearts are pulled to them, to their innocence, and to their need of our care. The Christmas story is easy to love with the happy, healthy birth, the visitation Continue »

Learning about Love

February is the month for love, but I’m learning about it today, which honestly seems right on time given we are in the season of Lent.  After all, Lent is about anticipating the greatest gift Love ever gave. As a task person, which like every strength has a corresponding weakness, I can get very focused on what Continue »

More than Mardi Gras

This might be a bit unusual but I’m really looking forward to Lent this year. It’s unusual and even odd because even though it’s an event on the calendar, most of us who are not Catholic don’t know what it’s about. There are far more questions than answers about this ‘holiday’ which isn’t even the correct term. Continue »

Newtown: Light in the Darkness

  Sadly, once again, we as a nation of families and individuals are trying to make sense of the senseless.  Death always feels wrong, even in old age, but in children?  And by execution?  In a classroom?  It is unfathomable because it is irrational.  Evil is incomprehensible.

What I Wish I Had as a Mom

Other than more time, more sleep and more patience, I often wished for more ways, more ideas, more moments to influence my children with meaningful truth. In the midst of all the laundry and messes and meals I longed for more ways to engage my children with truth that mattered. I wanted to influence them Continue »